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Instituto de Estudios sobre Desarrollo y Cooperación Internacional

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Institute for International Cooperation and Development Studies

Doctoral studies programme

Doctoral Development Studies Programme

The Doctoral Development Studies Programme is one of the programmes offered by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). It is promoted by the Hegoa Institute and the departments of Applied Economics I, Applied Economics IV, Sociology, Sociology II and Business Law and by the Gezki Institute. It holds a “Mention for Excellence” awarded by the Ministry of Education. It is intended to educate and train researchers in the topics covered by the relevant research lines. This is an interdisciplinary doctoral studies programme that promotes the preparation of doctoral theses which conduct critical, rigorous, in-depth analyses of globalisation, development processes and international cooperation. The programme therefore offers doctorands the methodological support and academic guidance that they need to successfully complete their doctoral theses.

Coordinator: Imanol Zubero


Research lines

  • Development, globalisation and international economic flows
  • International economic institutions and economic integration
  • Development cooperation and humanitarian actions
  • The environment and sustainable development
  • Gender and development issues
  • Development funding and micro-loans
  • Rural development and food security
  • Local and territorial development
  • Migration and joint development
  • Participation, democracy and human rights
  • Technologies suited to human development and sustainability
  • Education, development and human capabilities
  • Social exclusion, poverty and inequality
  • Conflicts, security and development
  • Labour relationships, social rights and transnational corporations
  • Culture, communication and development
  • Welfare and development indicators and measurements

Doctoral theses read

Theses registered under the Doctoral Development Studies Programme already read and defended.