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Cooperation and Development Studies

Eduardo Bidaurratzaga

Eduardo Bidaurratzaga

Professor and researcher


PhD in Applied Economics and lecturer in the University of the Basque Country’s Department of Applied Economics 1. Member of Hegoa (Institute of International Development and Cooperation Studies), where he carries out a range of postgraduate teaching, research, publication promotion and management activities. He is also a member of the GEA African Studies group, and the GETEM research group that studies World Economic Transformations, both run by the Autonomous University of Madrid.

He coordinates the University of the Basque Country’s Globalization and Development Master’s and lectures on postgraduate programmes at other universities, on matters such as international economics, development and aid in Sub-saharan Africa, and has published a number of works on these matters.


International cooperation, Development cooperation, Africa, Sub-saharan Africa, Mozambique, Economic integration, Development, Territorial development, Regionalism, AIDS, Equity, Economic policy, Human development

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