Education for Social Transformation

We conceive an emancipatory educational action that contributes to a social transition towards a model that puts the sustainability of life before the logic of capital.

In a complex reality such as the present, beset by multiple crises, we envisage the emancipatory educational action as a transition strategy towards a model that puts the sustainability of life before the inherent rationale of the current colonial, heteropatriarchal and capitalist development model. We believe interlinking social organisations and movements from a feminist and internationalist approach to be essential to transcend the narrow or sectoral orientations that have dominated the international cooperation and education panorama.  An education, therefore, that incorporates the political dimension into its goals and into its strategic and educational proposals for social change.

Research lines

Critical university

The public university plays a key role in the task of creating and disseminating critical knowledge, while at the same time it must be a strategic agent of change and social transformation. However, it is not exempt from contradictions. While it advocates generating social dialogue and meeting spaces for joint reflection, it also drives a university model that is more in keeping with market interests than social problems.  We analyse those contradictions and the role of the University in society and its relationship to the type of knowledge fostered.

Food sovereignty

We are working with the teaching staff to generate critical awareness and rally the educational community about the environmental, economic and social consequences arising from our current food model.  Food sovereignty is a strategy for social change, to build equity and implement a greener, closer and more sustainable production and consumption system. This programme supports the consolidation of the education centres as institutions committed to the sustainability of life and to environmental and social justice.



Marta Barandiaran

Professor and researcher

Gema Celorio

Education for social change

Juanjo Celorio

Professor and researcher

María Luz De La Cal

Professor and researcher

Amaia del Río

Education for social change

Iris Murillo Hidalgo

Education for social change

Joseba Sainz de Murieta

Professor and researcher

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