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Project Education for Social Transformation

Basque-Colombian articulation for experimentation, learning and communication of other possible forms of education in times of intermittent pandemics


To experiment logics of articulation between academic culture and social production that allow for reflection on the critical elements of emancipatory knowledge and offer learning for processes of emancipatory collective action.


This is an Alliance between the Hegoa Education Team and the University of Cauca (UNICAUCA), together with the South Colombian University (USCO) to carry out the project "Basque-Colombian Articulation for experimentation, learning and communication of other possible forms of education in times of intermittent pandemics". In order to facilitate its dissemination, we have chosen a shorter name for the project: "Articuladxs".

This is an experimental initiative aimed at bringing together academic and social forms of knowledge in order to promote articulations between them that are to enable us to move towards the production of critical knowledge necessary to face today's social, ecological, economic and cultural challenges.

The "Articuladxs" project aims to promote critical research, within universities, that implies commitment with other possible worlds through various activities, some of which are as follows:   

  • TFG/TFM Program. This initiative is to promote an experience of local-global dialogue between critical teaching staff, civil society organisations and students interested in developing their final degree or master's degree projects from an emancipatory education perspective. It is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of the UPV/EHU, USCO and UNICAUCA, and will be carried out in parallel at the three universities.
  • Meetings.  Several meetings will be held in Bilbao and in Colombia with the aim of promoting research based on situated thinking. These will be spaces for reflection in relation to critical research in each particular context in which the aim is to research educational challenges in relation to the local-global articulation that has been set in motion.
  • Symposium with organisations and social movements. A conference will be organised under the title "Educational Articulation from Diversities" in order to highlight the knowledge generated within the political praxis of social organisations and movements, with the aim of reversing the unequal logics of production and recognition of knowledge..
  • EmancipAccion online course: critical theories and practice for other possible worlds”. Aimed at undergraduate students at the UPV/EHU and other universities. This training aims to raise awareness of critical or alternative theories and approaches to the current development model, but also to show experiences linked to such approaches.
  • Systemisation. The pedagogical experience that is to be carried out as part of this project will be systematised with the aim of extracting critical lessons about other ways of carrying out socially-committed academic research. Furthermore, this process will allow us to research Basque-Colombian articulation itself, as a strategy to carry out a more in-depth application of the local-global approach to educational actions.
  • Elaboration of a publication and a video. The systematisation process generated from ”others” epistemologies will be collected in two formats: a publication and a video. Such dissemination materials will allow for the production of learning from that systematisation both for people directly involved in this process and for any other person or group interested in knowing and learning from our practices.

If you would like to know more about this project, or participate in any of the activities or receive the latest monographic issues of the journal Hariak. Recreando la educación emancipadora (Hariak: Recreating emancipatory education) please subscribe to our database by sending an email to  


  • Duration
    December 2021 - December 2023
  • Places
    Euskadi, Colombia
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Gema Celorio
Education for social change
Juanjo Celorio
Professor and researcher
Amaia del Río
Education for social change
Iris Murillo Hidalgo
Education for social change


Monike Gezuraga
Diana Granados
Andrés Herrera
Project management and advisory services
Julio Roberto Jaime
Robinzon Piñeros
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