Institute for International
Cooperation and Development Studies

Conflicts, peace and security

We analyze the consequences of armed conflicts and peacebuilding processes from multiple perspectives.

Conflicts, peace and security

We analyze the consequences of armed conflicts and peacebuilding processes from multiple perspectives.

Armed conflicts and insecurity in the broadest sense prevent the  exercising of fundamental human rights, generate a myriad of violence with lasting impacts and  limit development and life opportunities of individuals and peoples. Our work in this area is based on critical peace and security studies to analyse those impacts, along with different peacebuilding initiatives driven by international cooperation and by women's, indigenous, human rights and non-violent civil resistance movements.

Research lines

Feminism, conflicts and peace

We focus on the feminist analysis of armed conflicts and peacebuilding from a practical and theoretical perspective, by way of studies in different countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Western Sahara, Colombia, DRC…) and taking the masculinities, intersectional and gender approach.

Peacebuilding, international cooperation and humanitarian action

We study aspects such as armed conflicts as triggers of humanitarian crises, international cooperation and humanitarian action for peacebuilding, critical peacebuilding studies and the links between non-violent civil resistance and peacebuilding

Transitional justice, memory and human rights

We explore transitional justice as an aspect of peacebuilding and we conduct research into recovery of the historical memory and the rights to truth, justice and reparation from a gender and human rights perspective. 

Human security and critical security studies

We are interested in the alternative approaches to the traditional concept of security, in particular human security as a perspective linked to human development, and the critical security studies (feminist, post-structuralist, decolonial, green theory contributions, etc.).

Human Rights in Western Sahara

We research human rights violations in Western Sahara, occupied by Morocco, from a gender perspective, together with Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders. We accompany Sahrawi organisations, through training and technical assistance, in the strengthening of their capacities in order to undertake their own processes of research in human rights and advocacy, with special consideration towards mechanisms of international protection.


Jokin Alberdi
Professor and researcher
Efren Areskurrinaga
Professor and researcher
Sheida Besozzi
Research associate
Eduardo Bidaurratzaga
Professor and researcher
Anca Cretu
Investigadora en formación
Marian Díez
Gloria Guzmán
Project management and advisory services
Yolanda Jubeto
Professor and researcher
Mertxe Larrañaga
Professor and researcher
Irantzu Mendia Azkue
Directora, Hegoa Institute
Itziar Mujika
Secretary of the Hegoa Institute
Rakel Oion
Professor and researcher
Karlos Pérez de Armiño
Professor and researcher
Juan Carlos Pérez de Mendiguren
Professor and researcher
Ivana Belén Ruiz-Estramil
Professor and researcher, Hegoa Institute
Yuliya Serkezyuk
Investigadora en formación
Juan Telleria
Professor and researcher
Patxi Zabalo
Professor and researcher
iker zirion
Professor and researcher

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