VI Conference on Feminist Research Methodologies

Aimed at: We understand the conference as a space to promote the exchange between different subjects: universities, the women's and feminist movement, the LGTBI movement, the anti-racist movement, NGDOs, public institutions, etc.

The VI Conference on Feminist Research Methodology organised by Hegoa- Institute for International Cooperation and Development Studies and the SIMReF-Interdisciplinary Seminar on Feminist Research Methodology will be held at the Faculty of Economics (Sarriko, Bilbao) of the UPV/EHU on 20 and 21 October 2022.

In this sixth edition, we propose to address the broad theme of migration and human rights, and to do so from the practical implications of adopting an intersectional analysis perspective.

We want to reflect on what kind of methodologies can generate research that allows us to understand and respond - from critical proposals based on rights and social justice - to the challenges that migration processes present today.

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  • Start date/time

    20 de October de 2022, 00:00
  • End date/time

    21 de October de 2022, 00:00
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