European Presentation of Columbia’s Truth Commission Final Report

Join us for the official Basque Country and European presentation of the Commission for Clarification of the Truth, Coexistance and Non-Repetition of Columbia’s final report following a three-year inquiry into the people responsible for, and the causes and consequences of Columbia’s armed conflict.

The Final Report includes a section on Exile, a first in the history of Truth Commissions. It provides an analytical analysis of how exile violates human rights and international humanitarian law. It also outlines the scope, causes and patterns of violence that forced thousands of Colombians to migrate to other countries. Furthermore, the report reveals the ramifications, consequences and resistance these individuals faced while rebuilding their lives from scratch as ascertained by Commissioner Carlos Martín Beristain.

The Commission for Clarification of the Truth, Coexistance and Non-Repetition of Columbia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Equality, Justice and Social Politics of the Government of the Basque Country, Instituto Hegoa, Mesa Colombia(1) and  Nodo Euskadi(2), is pleased to invite you to the European Presentation of Columbia’s Truth Commission’s Final Report in the city of Bilbao on 6 July 2022 and the documentary Del otro lado (On the other side) on 5 July 2022.

(1) The following entities comprise Mesa Colombia: The Basque Cooperation Development Agency – eLankidetza; the Ministry of Human Rights, Victims and Diversity; the Secretary General of Foreign Affairs; the Secretary General of Social Transition and the 2030 Agenda; the Basque Trade and Investment Agency; the Agirre Lehendakaria Center; Alboan; Migrants Without Borders; Grupo Mondragón; the Pedro Arrupe Human Rights Institute; the Hegoa Institute; the Basque Parliament Peace Process Support Intergroup; LKS; Mugarik Gabe; Mundubat; Mundukide; and Zehar errefuxiatuekin.
(2)  Several organisations and individuals make up Nodo Euskadi and they collectively support the Commission for Clarification of the Truth, Coexistance and Non-Repetition of Columbia’s mandate in the Basque Country.

Wednesday, 6th July

Venue: Bizkaia Aretoa, sala Mitxelena. c/Abandoibarra 3

15:30   Registration
16:00   Start of event
16:10   Presentation of the Final Report by Commissioners’ Carlos Martín Beristain and Alejandro Valencia
17:00    Official submission of the Final Report
17:15   Connecting with Exile. Monologue by María Ubilerma Sanabria: Las madres de Soacha (The Mothers of Soacha)
17:30   Presentation of the chapter: Las verdades del Exilio: La Colombia fuera de Colombia (The truths behind Exile: Columbia outside Columbia) by the Commissioner Carlos Martín Beristain, in conversation with witnesses
18:30   Colombia hacia Adelante (Columbia moving forward). Artistic representation by Valentina Parra Delgadillo (2017 Mono Núñez Festival award winner)
19:00   Closing remarks and cocktail