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Irantzu Mendia Azkue

Irantzu Mendia Azkue



Assistant lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the University of the Basque Country, attached to the Faculty of Labour Relations and Social Work at the Alava campus in Vitoria-Gasteiz. She has a degree in Sociology (1998), post-graduate degrees in International Humanitarian Action (1999) and Conflict Resolution (2003), and a PhD in Development Studies from the University of the Basque Country (2013), with an international thesis entitled: Post-conflict peacebuilding: divergences between women’s organizations and International Cooperation in El Salvador and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She lectures on the degree in Social Work, giving classes on the following subjects: Community Social Work (3rd year), Design and Assessment of Social Projects (3rd year) and Curricular Practices (4th year). She is a researcher with the University of the Basque Country’s Hegoa Institute of International Development and Cooperation Studies, and is part of the research group on Human Security, Local Human Development and International Cooperation (2016-2021) of the Basque university system (IT1037-16).

She has been the head of the Hegoa Institute since January 2021.


Feminisms, Armed conflicts, Peacebuilding, Transitional justice, Reparation, Human rights, Victims, Sexual violence, Gender, Women and development, Equality, Basque Country, El Salvador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guatemala, Colombia, Western Sahara


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