Institute for International
Cooperation and Development Studies

Advisory Services

We prioritise advisory services for public and private institutions and providing them with technical assistance as a key strategy to link the research into development with its realisation through the public policies and initiatives connected to international cooperation.

Studies and research

Research, reports, studies and technical briefings on sectoral aspects, according to countries and regions, for private and public entities. Dynamics of the development cooperation sector, its perspectives, challenges and alternatives.

Advising on public policies

Identifying, drafting and assessing guidance documents on public cooperation policy, such as strategic frameworks or masterplans.

Technical advice

Implementing development projects to guide and support public and private entities with cooperation programmes.


Training and skills-buildings for staff from entities and bodies in the design, management and assessment of projects, gender and specific sectors. Technical aspects regarding the presentation of projects and public policies linked to development cooperation and their coherence with other policies.