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Amaia García Azpuru

Amaia García Azpuru

Professor and researcher


Amaia Garcia has a PhD, Cum Laude, in Development Studies (2017) from the University of the Basque Country and has been an assistant lecturer with the Department of Applied Economics at that university since 2020.

Her teaching and research work covers a range of areas within the disciplines of economics and sociology, particularly in those areas where knowledge of the labour market and macro and microeconomics overlap with international migratory flows (the focus of her doctorate), keeping a perspective on international and development economics (which she specialized in for her degree), with the addition of a gender viewpoint and, on occasions, the variable of the role played by the media. In recent years, she has also focussed her attention on educational innovation. She has a Master’s in e-Business from Deusto University (2002) and a Master’s in Globalization and Development (2009) from the University of the Basque Country (Hegoa Institute of International Development and Cooperation Studies).

She has wide experience in advising managers on foreign trade, strategies and marketing, having participated in a number of research projects in recent years.