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Iratxe Amiano

Iratxe Amiano

Professor and researcher


Permanent lecturer and doctor with the Department of Financial Economics 1 of the University of the Basque Country since 1994 and part of the Hegoa Institute since 2010. She lectures in the area of Financial Accounting, specializing in the area of public sector and non-profit organization accounting.

This expert in the field of the financial information of non-profit-making enterprises has lectured on seminars and courses for professionals in the non-profit sector in general and on postgraduate courses related to development cooperation and sustainable development in particular. She was a member of a research group recognized by the Basque Government between 2011 and 2016, and has worked as a researcher in the area of international development cooperation with a special emphasis on social agents.

She was head of Social Responsibility at the University of the Basque Country from 2009 to February 2017, aiming to embed in both management and university teaching concepts such as sustainable development, solidarity and human rights, being in charge of university’s Development Cooperation Office and Sustainability Office.


Cooperation policies, University cooperation, Social responsibility, Basque Country, Cooperation policy coherence

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