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Xabier Aierdi

Xabier Aierdi

Professor and researcher


Xabier Aierdi Urraza (Zeberio, 1957) has a degree in Sociology from Deusto University (1980) and a PhD in Sociology from the University of the Basque Country (1990). He is an expert on immigration, social services, income support benefit and other matters and is the author of various texts published in Spain and abroad. He has given papers at different conferences, and has been a permanent lecturer at the University of the Basque Country for 36 years, teaching on different postgraduate, Master’s and doctoral courses. He has given numerous talks and lectures around the Basque Country.

He founded the Ikuspegi Basque Immigration Observatory and was the director from its creation in 2003 until 2011. He was later the director of the Begirune Research Laboratory, on immigration matters (2011-2013) and advisor to the Basque Government in the Department of Employment and Social Policy (2014-2016).

He has been head of the University of the Basque Country’s Department of Sociology and Social Work and chair of the AVSP-ESZPE Basque Association of Sociology and Political Science.

He is currently the president of the Begirune Foundation (since 2018) and has participated in a range of applied social research projects, mainly for public bodies; one of the most important of these has been drafting the 5th Action Plan on Citizenship, Interculturality and Immigration for the Department of Family Policy and Diversity. He has also carried out different research projects in the field of social policy.


Análisis cuantitativo, Codesarrollo, Comunicación, Cultura, Derechos sociales, Estado bienestar, Exclusión social, Investigación operativa, Migración, Políticas públicas, Sociología

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