Coincidence or causality of immigration influx in the Basque Autonomous Community

  • Amaia García Azpuru

On June 20th, 2017, Amaia García Azpuru defended her thesis, titled "Casualidad o causalidad de la afluencia inmigratoria en la Comunidad Autónoma de Euskadi (Coincidence or causality of immigration influx in the Basque Autonomous Community)" and supervised by Xabier Aierdi Urraza.

The thesis focuses on the characterisation of immigration to the Basque Country from a current perspective. When the flows have been paralised in part, the population of foreign nationality decreases and, in parallel, there is an important increase in nationalisation processes. It would be a question of distinguishing whether there is a randomness in the configuration of the foreign immigration mosaic, residing everywhere, or, on the contrary, there are links between those migrants and their respective destination, whether visible or not, allowing to talk about a immigrant adaptation at destination. 


  • Date

    2017 July 20

Distinction Cum Laude

Thesis supervisor

Research lines

Migrations and co-development
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