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Marta Barandiaran

Marta Barandiaran

Professor and researcher


PhD in Economics from the University of the Basque Country, within the Development Studies programme, and permanent lecturer who teaches on the Business Management degree run by the Department of Applied Economics 5 in the University of the Basque Country’s Faculty of Economics and Management.

Her lines of research are related to education policies, educational innovation, education and human development and the quality of higher education. She is the co-author a several articles, book chapters and contributions to national and international conferences. This work has been based on research projects funded by the Ministry of Education, the Basque Government, the University of the Basque Country and AECID (the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation); as well as in collaboration with universities in Latin America. She has a six-year employment term recognized by the Spanish Assessment Agency. She has coordinated a number of Master’s and degree dissertations, under the auspices of the University of the Basque Country’s Sustainability Office.

Since 2018 she has been the coordinator of the ikdIT/EDikd structured teaching team: Group Specializing in Educational Innovation-ECUALE and Learning Improvement and Orientation. Coordinator of the degree in Business Management since 2014.


Education, Educational innovation, Human development, Transformational education, University cooperation

Doctoral theses