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Gorka Bueno

Gorka Bueno

Professor and researcher


Doctor of Engineering in the field of Telecommunications and permanent lecturer in Electronic Technology at the University of the Basque Country’s School of Engineering in Bilbao. Between 1994 and 2006 he participated in research projects related to improving industrial processes in the production of photovoltaic solar cells, also the subject of his doctoral thesis. He is the co-author of various articles, conference papers and patents related to photovoltaic technology. He is currently focussing his academic activity on sustainability issues, a field in which he has published various scientific and technical documents related to the transition to a more energetically sustainable society, the problem of transport and sustainability, waste management and treatment, and lifecycle analysis. He works with a range of social agents on matters related to sustainability.


Sustainability, Energy transition, Renewable energies, Transport, Waste, Environment

Doctoral theses