Institute for International
Cooperation and Development Studies

The transformations of the global economy

Date: 2021 March 16

Recently, the book “Transformations of the global economy”, written by the members of the Group on the Study of Global Economy Transformations, amongst which are three Hegoa members, was published. The book can be found on the GETEM web and the UAM University repository

This books stems from the debates on the necessity of a profound revisión of the framework of globalisation and, particularly, the role aquired by the market as an articulator of the economic relations, in the detriment of the role of international institutions, nations and their policies. All this motivates the creation of the Group on the Study of Global Economy Transformations (GETEM).

With this book GETEM wants to bring closer these debates to university students, incorporating some novelty in teaching methodologies (videos, hyperlinks, revision test, etc.) so as to make knowledge more accessible and always up to date. This is the double objective of this book. In addition, this book is downloadable for free.