Unai Villalba

Professor and researcher

“Searching alternative pathways for socio-ecological transitions: social and solidarity economy, degrowth, postdevelopment, Buen Vivir.”


Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Applied Economics Department. Teacher on Sustainable Economy in the Environmental Science Degree, and Postgraduate teacher about Post-development, Buen Vivir, Degrowth and Cooperation in both masters of HEGOA and in the master of GEZKI on Social and Solidarity Economy. 

He has been Research Visiting Fellow in England and Ecuador. He has published articles in various journals and books. Previously, he has collaborated with various social movements in the Basque Country in the fields of ecologism, anti-globalization and international solidarity.

Research lines

Social and Solidarity Economy and Circular Economy; Socio-ecological transitions, Degrowth, and eco-social alternatives; Critical Development Studies (post-development, Buen Vivir, emancipatory participation ...).