Institute for International
Cooperation and Development Studies

Project Social and Solidarity Economy

Strengthening capacity and alliance in local ESS ecosystems to contribute to eco-social transitions in Andean region territories


The aim of this project is to strengthen the capacities of organisations, cooperatives, and social movements from four territories in Andean states. This is developed through interaction between these organisations and Andean and Basque university entities so they can contribute to eco-social transitions in these regions through the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Feminist Economy (FE).


It includes a research training plan for the systematisation of SSE ecosystem case studies in each state, which will be carried out by critical Andean university entities together with the social movements and cooperatives associated with each state’s territories, with the experience of female leaders from coffee cooperatives and fair trade coordinating committee (Peru), ecological female farmers and consumer and distribution cooperatives (Ecuador), beekeeper associations (Chaco, Bolivia), and indigenous, rural, and woman’s organisations, as well as cooperatives with individuals in FARC reincorporation processes (Cauca, Colombia). This falls within the framework of a project with the participation of Hegoa and the Research Group on Human Safety, Local Human Development, and International Cooperation (UPV/EHU).

Associated publications

A book will be co-edited as a best practices manual to be shared locally, regionally, and internationally (eco-social web and networks), promoting political advocacy in the regions.


  • Duration
    December 2022 - December 2024
  • Places
    Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Euskadi
  • Status