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Cooperation and Development Studies

Project Social and Solidarity Economy

Territorial Peace: Strengthening local stakeholders for peacebuilding and the development of alternative economic models in Northern Cauca


To contribute to the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Colombia from a territorial peace approach, by means of strengthening the community, family and rural economy, and promoting the social and solidarity-based economy (ESS) and rural cooperative movement, with contributions from the Basque experience in ESS and local development.


The project fosters training and technical assistance in the Basque Autonomous Community (BAC) and Cauca for productive development, with the active participation of productive and local organisations and social movements, together with former combatants of the  FARC-EP, in two municipalities in Northern Cauca (Buenos Aires and Caldono), based on the solidarity-based economy and rural cooperative movement. In the Basque Country, the process will be mainstreamed with public entities, DNGOs, universities and social movements, with the Basque experience in the solidarity-based economy and cooperative movement.


•    Research: Intercultural social dialogue in multicultural territories that embrace reintegration processes. A contribution to territorial peacebuilding.

•    Handbook: Social and Solidarity-Based Economy A contribution to territorial peacebuilding. Toolkit for community and social work in rural areas

•    Handbook: We, the women of Northern Cauca, are progressing towards our economic autonomy: Achievements and challenges to put life at the centre.

Training accomplished

Diploma in EES in Northern Cauca (June-September 2018)


  • Duration
    December 2017 - December 2019
  • Places
    Colombia, Euskadi
  • Status


Carlos Puig
Project management and advisory services
Almudena Sainz
Administration and finance
Karlos Pérez de Armiño
Professor and researcher
Luis Guridi
Professor and researcher
Juan Carlos Pérez de Mendiguren
Professor and researcher
Marian Díez