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Cooperation and Development Studies

The Basque Development NGO Coordinator expresses its solidarity with ADES and Santa Marta in response to the arrest of five defenders of the territory

Date: 2023 January 25

In response to the criminalisation and detention of five defenders of the territory belonging to the Santa Marta ADES Association and the Santa Marta community in El Salvador, the Basque Development NGO Coordinator has issued a statement of support, solidarity and recognition to the leaders of Santa Marta, highlighting their work in defence of human rights.

The organisations that signed the statement, Hegoa among them, demand a transparent process for the detainees that is in compliance with national laws and respects the international standards for Human Rights. They also undertake to remain alert to the possible increase in actions involving criminalisation, persecution and/or detention carried out against defenders of the territory and social movement organisations by the state of El Salvador.

More information in the attached document and in this link.