Institute for International
Cooperation and Development Studies

Project Social and Solidarity Economy

Strengthening social agents for peacebuilding and constructing alternative economic models in Northern Cauca, in dialogue with the Basque experience


To contribute to the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Colombia from a territorial peace approach, by strengthening solidarity-based alternative economic models as a contribution to the territorial rural development, in dialogue with the Basque experience in the social and solidarity-based economy (ESS) and local development.


This project is being conducted in Northern Cauca (Colombia) and the Basque Country. 

After the signing of the peace agreement in Colombia in 2017, this project seeks to provide continuity in the Basque Country to the partnership process initiatives and to increase the articulation of Basque entities with local organisations and inter-ethnic groups of Northern Cauca: Nasa indigenous councils, Afro-descendant community councils, women and female rural workers organisations, cooperatives of FARC former combatants in the Caldono and La Elvira Territorial Training and Reincorporation Spaces (ETCR). Skills-building in productive development and in security and protection, with research in and generation of dialogue spaces and defending human rights are going to be used to strengthen those stakeholders.

One of the actions envisaged to do so is the online course entitled Exchange of Experience and Practice in Production and Marketing Processes with Emphasis on the Economic Rights of Women, Community and Solidarity-Based Social Economy. Northern Cauca in dialogue with Basque and Latin-American experiences.



  • Duration
    December 2019 - December 2021
  • Places
    Colombia, Euskadi
  • Status


Carlos Puig
Project management and advisory services
Luis Guridi
Professor and researcher
Juan Carlos Pérez de Mendiguren
Professor and researcher
Marian Díez
Almudena Sainz
Administration and finance
Karlos Pérez de Armiño
Professor and researcher