Online Training "EmancipAcción: critical theories and practices for other possible worlds"

The registration period for the second edition of the online training EmancipAcción: critical theories and practices for other possible worlds offered by Hegoa, Institute of International Cooperation and Development Studies of the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU) is now open.

The course will last 10 weeks (about 50 hours of study) that will take place between January 30 and March 9, 2023. The contents will be divided into the following four modules:

   Module 1: Critical analysis of development discourses

   Module 2: Post-development and decoloniality

   Module 3: Other feminisms and sustainability of life

   Module 4: Ecological sustainability

All the information about the online course (teachers, learning objectives, methodology, etc.) is available in the teaching plan. The training is offered in Basque and Spanish.

The registration period will be open until January 26, 2023. Registration is financed by eLankidetza-Basque Agency for Development Cooperation and does not involve any cost. Places are limited (25 people) and those who pass the course may request the validation of 2 optional ECTS credits.

To register, access the form in Basque or Spanish.