Institute for International
Cooperation and Development Studies

Case studies, progress and coordination in the framework of the project on eco-social transitions in the Andean region

Date: 2024 February 20

At the end of January, two systematisations were carried out in Ecuador, one by the Cayambe Cantonal Council of Agroecological Producers (Pichincha) and the other by the Cooperative Sur Siendo Redes y Sabores on agroecological food in local networks in Quito.

These two systematisations are part of the project “Strengthening capacities and alliances in local SSE ecosystems to contribute to eco-social transitions in Andean region territories”, financed by eLankidetza and involving not only the Hegoa Institute, but also other universities and cooperatives in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Alongside this research process, the project aims to strengthen the capacities of organisations, cooperatives and social movements in different territories in the Andean countries.

Unai Villalba, lecturer at the UPV/EHU and Hegoa researcher, participated directly in this particular activity, together with teachers/researchers from the SSE group of the Central University of Ecuador (UCE). During Unai Villalba’s visit, from 15 to 29 January 2024, work was carried out with the women of the Cayambe Council and with the leadership of the cooperative, who participated in systematisation workshops.

Visit by Jhaquelin Dávalos from IPDRS (Bolivia)

Between 13 and 16 February, we were visited by Jhaquelin Dávalos, who is responsible for projects in the Chaco in Bolivia and for the training programmes of the Institute for Rural Development in South America (IPDRS).

Jhaquelin Dávalos shared the systematisation exercise being carried out in Macharetí (Chuquisaca), which is part of the same project, with Teaching and Research Staff and Hegoa’s technical team.

During this visit, online meetings were also held for the training process with the project’s spokespeople in the rest of the Andean countries. In addition, design and communication proposals were shared from the IPDRS digital platforms for shared learning, the Digital Library and the Hegoa Documentation Centre.

For more information you can consult the “Strengthening capacities and alliances in local SSE ecosystems to contribute to eco-social transitions in Andean region territories” project information sheet.