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The reservations of Toribío, Tacueyó and San Francisco (Colombia) declare a humanitarian and territorial emergency

Date: 2024 March 19

The community of the Nasa People of Toribío (indigenous reservations of Tacueyó, Toribío and San Francisco) in the North of Cauca, Colombia, together with their authorities from the Nasa Project Life Plan, denounce the assassination of the mayor Carmelina Yule Pavi. According to them, the armed group Dagoberto Ramos fired indiscriminately at her and members of the indigenous guard on 16 March.

This context of insecurity and violence has been recurrent for a number of years, which is why this community has declared a humanitarian and territorial emergency. As they explain in the attached communiqué, in the framework of this emergency they will carry out a series of specific actions, which include “initiating legal proceedings against people who provide and have provided support to the criminal actions of these armed organisations, such as the safekeeping of weapons and explosives, and the accommodation of armed personnel”.

At the Hegoa Institute, which has been collaborating with projects in this territory and in North Cauca since 2017, as well as other Basque organisations and eLankidetza-Basque Agency for Cooperation and Solidarity, we stand in solidarity with the community and authorities of Toribío, as well as with their governments (ACIN and CRIC) in the Department of Cauca, to add our weight to the international denunciation of this situation of human rights violations.

(ACIN eta CRIC), giza eskubideen urraketaren aurkako nazioarteko salaketan eragiteko.

More information is available on the website of the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC).