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“Insumisas” receives the award for best short film at the MujerDOC Festival and will be screened at Impacte! (Catalonia) and at FiSahara (Auserd)

Date: 2024 March 20

On 16 March, the documentary Insumisas. Mujeres en lucha en el Sáhara Occidental received the award for best short film at the International Documentary Film Festival on Gender - MujerDOC. This festival, organised by the NGO Mujeres del Mundo and the Soria City Council, has been gaining stature in recent years as an international point of reference for documentary films on the feminist cause.

In the coming weeks, from 9 to 28 April, it will be screened at the Impacte! Human Rights Film Festival of Catalonia, which is based in Barcelona and held simultaneously in other cities in Catalonia. There is also a free online programme with the option to vote.

In addition, Insumisas will be present at the 18th edition of FiSahara, which will take place from 29 April to 5 May in the refugee camp of Auserd (Tindouf) under the banner “To resist is to win”.

The presence of Insumisas at these festivals is a continuation of the dissemination in this circuit that began in 2023. In October, for example, the documentary received the recognition of the festivals Transhumant, in Catalonia, and Cine Invisible “Film Sozialak” in Bilbao, with special mentions.

These mentions are in addition to the one obtained in September at the nineteenth edition of the International Human Rights Festival of Sucre (Bolivia), the award for best short film in the Peace, Memory and Reconciliation category at the Historias en Kilometros International Community Film Festival (Colombia), and the best short film award at the Courage Film Festival in Berlin (Germany). Although it did not win an award, Insumisas was also screened at the beginning of March at the Malaga Film Festival, one of the most emblematic events in Spanish cinema.

Other screenings

At the same time, independent screenings of Insumisas continue to take place, organised by different collectives and institutions. Since the beginning of the year, the documentary has been shown in Catalonia (Barcelona); Castile and León (Carrión de los Condes); Community of Madrid (Getafe, Madrid and Torrejón de Ardoz), Extremadura (Zafra) and the Basque Country (Bilbao, Igorre, Ormaiztegi, Tolosa and Zumaia), as well as in Seixal (Portugal) and again in Berlin.

On Wednesday 24 April, Insumisas will be screened in Larrabetzu (Bizkaia) and Laudio (Álava). The programme of events organised by

Mundubat and Cantabria por el Sáhara also continues in different municipalities of this community, including a screening in Castro Urdiales in April. Screenings are also scheduled for April in Tenerife and London, and in Castellón, Leitza (Navarre) and Madrid in May. 

In difficult times for the anti-colonial struggle and for all the occupied peoples of the world, Insumisas inspires and pushes us to continue fighting side by side against the oppressions that unite us.

Insumisas. Mujeres en lucha en el Sáhara Occidental is a documentary co-directed by Brazilian Laura Dauden and Colombian Miguel Angel Herrera. It was made by the Hegoa Institute and produced by Forward Films with funding from the Asociación de Entidades Locales Vascas Cooperantes - Euskal Fondoa.
The documentary, based on the research report Que salga todo a la luz (“Bringing it all out in the open”) (Hegoa, 2022), brings to the screen the work of Sahrawi women human rights defenders, led by El Ghalia Djimi, Mina Baali, Soultana Khaya, Jadiyetu El Mohtar and Omeima Mahmud.
It includes four blocks of animations produced by the Leste studio (Brazil), which reflect the gravity and extent of the violence exercised by Morocco against the women, as well as the unwavering strength of these activists to fight for the rights of their people.