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Cooperation and Development Studies

Project Conflicts, peace and security

Feminist and critical transitional justice: resources to address patriarchal impunity after serious human rights violations


This project seeks to help stakeholders of Basque cooperation, of the university and of the feminist movement linked to peacebuilding and human rights in the Basque Country to increase their resources to drive practices that foster the access of women to the right of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition. 


This initiative provides resources for feminist organisations, the university, institutions and cooperation DNGOs, and institutions and organisations involved in peace, human rights and memory, to increase their knowledge, critical analysis and ability to generate actions to help women to access truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition in contexts of serious violation of human rights, such as armed conflicts and others affected by political violence, from a feminist and critical perspective.

Therefore are followed:

a) a research strategy that generates theoretical resources on transitional justice mechanisms applied with a gender perspective

b) an awareness-raising and training strategy to foster the identification of lessons learnt from the research conducted; and

c) a policy advocacy strategy based on the construction of a gender indicator system to reinforce the design and monitoring public policies in the project's thematic areas, with impact on the Basque case.

Publications made within the project:

Gender focus in truth commissions: Experiences in Latin America and Africa

Dossier: Protecting environmental, cultural, social and economic rights in armed conflicts. International perspective and Gender

Dossier: Protecting against sexual violence in armed conflicts. International legal instruments and their application

Educational Guide for the Voces Plurales [Plural Voices] documentary: Women's strategies for memory and justice in Guatemala

Proposed system of gender indicator to design and monitor Basque public policies related to peace, human rights and memory



Irantzu Mendia Azkue
Directora, Hegoa Institute
Itziar Mujika
Secretary of the Hegoa Institute
Gloria Guzmán
Project management and advisory services
iker zirion
Professor and researcher


Ana María Palacios
Bertha Gaztelumendi
María José Rosales
Julie Guillerot