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The French editorial house Rackham publishes "Transparents" by Javier de Isusi

Date: 2023 March 28

The publishing house Rackham has recently published in French Transparents, the graphic novel by Javier de Isusi edited in 2020 by the Colombian Truth Commission and Hegoa Institute, Transparentes: Historias del exilio colombiano.

Transparents captures the experience of Colombian exile due to the internal armed conflict, which has lasted more than fifty years, being the longest in Latin America.

As Carlos Martin Beristain of the Colombian Truth Commission put it, Transparents is “an exercise around truth-telling by victims and survivors, an excellent contribution to portray the exile and leave a legacy for new generations. The horizon of this work is non-repetition, because we are not the owners of time. Time belongs to those who are coming. Our task is to assimilate that past that does not want to cease to be, and to bring the future to the present as that shared commitment”.


About the author

Javier de Isusi is an architect by training, but a comic author by vocation and profession. His works have been translated into Basque, English, Portuguese, German and Finnish. Several of his works have also been published in French by the publishing house Rackham.

He debuted with the series Los viajes de Juan Sin Tierra (Astiberri, 2004-2011), inspired by his own travels in Latin America and comprising the volumes La pipa de Marcos, La isla de Nunca Jamás, Río Loco and En la tierra de los Sin Tierra. He illustrates the novel El retrato de Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde (Astiberri, 2012), and draws Ometepe (Astiberri, 2012), a comic scripted by Luciano Saracino.

After He visto ballenas (Astiberri, 2014) he published Asylum in 2015 for CEAR-Euskadi (co-published by CEAR and Astiberri in 2017). His latest works are La divina comedia de Oscar Wilde (Astiberri, 2019), winner of the Premio Nacional del Cómic 2020, and Transparentes (Astiberri, 2020).

You can find more information about this publication on the Hegoa Publications website, on the website of the Nodes in Europe of the Colombian Truth Commission and on the websites of the publishers Astiberri and Rackham