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Project Education for Social Transformation

Reflections, debates and proposals to mentor critical education processes. V Education for Social Transformation Conference


To establish dialogues between the academic critical culture and social production to strengthen the agency of the critical subjects and propose new meanings for the emancipatory action.


This proposal has contribute to:

1. Support the university community in research aimed at social transformation and at the contribution to other possible worlds.

Mentoring seminars were hold for students to help them prepare their end-of-degree/end-of-master's projects from an emancipatory educational perspective, and entitled "Social commitment in academic research work".

2. Foster meeting spaces between different subjects to redefine strategies that address the worrying socio-cultural processes that we are experiencing.

To this end, a process of preparatory meetings was designed that led to the creation of the lines of the 5th Congress on Education for Social Transformation.

  • Meeting "The experience of feminist movements and the transformative cooperation movement" (Bilbao, 18 September 2020. On site). See report of the meeting.
  • Meeting "The ecosocial approach, rural spaces as territories of life" (Galicia, 6 November 2020. On line). See report of the meeting.
  • Meeting "Neighbourhood associations and experiences of self-management, another view of a livable life in the city" (Madrid, 29 January 2021. On line). See report of the meeting.
  • Meeting "The southern border, the rights of migrants and refugees" (Melilla, 26 February 2021. On line). See report of the meeting.

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3. Build, based on discussing critical subjects, new meanings, knowledge and experiences arising from the fields of social and academic production.

On 18, 19 and 20 November 2021 we organized the 5th Congress on Education for Social Transformation in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Below you will find the main materials of the congress:

All the information on the event is available on the congress website , including:

Within the framework of this project, we also published three monographs of the Hariak Magazine. Recreating emancipatory education (in Spanish and Basque).


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    June 2019 - December 2021
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Education for social change
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Education for social change
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