El hambre como arma de guerra: Metodología para documentar evidencias y analizar su impacto.

Aimed at: Público general

The starving of civilians as a method of warfare continues being a common practice. The unanimously adopted UN Security Council Resolution 2417 on May 24, 2018 was a very important achievement for Humanitarian Law. It meant the recognition and the prohibition of that practice.

However, the implementation of the Resolution and the elimination of that war tactic remains a difficult challenge. One of the problems is the lack of mechanisms for gathering empirically-grounded evidence about the practice and its perpetrators.

Therefore, in this session we will present a methodology developed by Action Against Hunger and Hegoa Institute, and financed by eLankidetza- Basque Agency for Development Cooperation. The aim is to collect information about actions that cause hunger in conflicts, which could be applicable to different scenarios of armed-conflict. The method aims to reveal these practices and, therefore, to avoid them.


Action Against Hunger: Manuel Sánchez-Montero (advocacy director) and Jean Raphael Poitou (advocacy officer).
Hegoa Institute: Karlos Pérez de Armiño (head of research) and Alba Linares Quero (researcher).
Presentation by Paul Ortega Etcheverry, director of eLankidetza.


The event will be held in Spanish, with simultaneous translation into English.

  • Start date/time

    11 de June de 2021, 12:00
  • End date/time

    11 de June de 2021, 13:30